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Delhi Chess Association

Certified Chess Courses

Beginners Chess Training


Chess preparing for beginners is for unrated or leisure activity players. This affirmed chess courses is prescribed to further develop focus, persistence and independent direction. It additionally assists with working on in academy

Intermediate Chess Training

Intermediate chess preparing is for appraised players between 1000 to 1400. This guaranteed chess courses helps in anticipation of chess competitions which incorporates profound investigation of opening, middle-game and end-game. It is prescribed to go to a higher degree of expert chess.

Advanced Chess Training

Advance chess training is for players with a particular objective in chess, for example, to fit the bill for a District, Division, State or National level chess titles or to turn into a champion like Candidate Master (CM), FIDE Master (FM), International Master (IM) and Grand Master (GM) in chess competitions.

Benefits Of Playing Chess

Helps To Solve Complex Problems

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Develops Logic & Critical Thinking

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Improve Planning & Foresight

Improve Concentration & Memory

Chess Curriculum

Your child will learn

Level 1- Introducing To Basic Chess Fundamentals And Tournament Preparation

  • 4 Modules
  • 12 Sessions Each
  • 18 Practice Lessons
  • 5 Tournaments

Advance Strategic Patterns Coordination And Mobilization Advance Attacking Patterns

Level 2- Roadmap to Ace
School And State Level

  • 4 Modules
  • 12 Sessions Each
  • 22 Practice Lessons¬†
  • 6 Tournaments

Fundamental Opening hypothesis Fundamental Middle Game procedure Advance Pawn Endgame

Level 3- Path To Becoming A FIDE Rated Player And Ace National Level Tournaments

  • 8 Modules
  • 12 Sessions Each
  • 25 Practice Lessons
  • 8 Tournaments

Advance Strategic Patterns Coordination And Mobilization Advance Attacking Patterns

Our Academy's Star Kids

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Rishi Saldana

Meet our star player and our pride IM Rishi Sardana who has international rating of 2400 and has won many prestigious tournaments in National and International chess championship. We congratulate Rishi and his parents for his success!.

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-03 at 9.54.29 PM
Randheer Kumar

We Congratulate Randheer kumar for becoming international rated player for becoming international rated player elo rating 1500+, I would wish that you always get rewards for your hard work and appreciation for your mind blowing performances ahead.

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-03 at 9.58.19 PM
Ashman Gupta

My student Ashman Gupta international elo rating 1700+ and under 7, state champion . He won 2nd prize in Delhi international open category B tournament best under-12. Congratulations dear student! Your yearlong efforts and hard work is greatly appreciated.

Aditya Aggarwal

Aditya Aggarwal, student at Ambitious Chess Academy having Elo 1100+rating. Congratulations dear student! You have really held my head high. Great work and I wish you all the best for your higher studies.

Our Star Players List

Our Ambitious Academy

Ambitious Champions Maker

Minhajul Haque

Chess Coach/ Founder
Our Chess Coach Minhajul Haque is an International Rated Chess player, CAI National open age category champion, Fide instructor and Fide Arbiter and have more than twelve years of experience as a chess coach he is very friendly with kids and kids love to learn from him, he is itself very bright chess player participated in many international chess tournament and excellent in many tournament. Rank 2nd in Delhi state (U-25) championship 2015, also qualify three times to represent state in National Chess Tournament. International Rating: 1984 Experience: More than twelve Years Worked experience at school and online Platforms: Amity International School, Apeejay school, Birla Vidya Niketan, Piggyride, and kidex. Strong Point: Very Honest, Dedicated and hard working.

Priyanshu Verma

Working with the foundation since establishment, conducted numerous tournaments with other organizations and seen students performing well with their holistic approach. I must say that students from our academy are pretty well in comparison with other foundations. I look forward with the academy objectives which will shape the future of chess from our academy students.


Mehak Bakshi

Chess Coach
5 time State champion and a Former National Chess Player. I have participated in more than 7 National Level Tournaments and have achieved remarkable points in those tournaments. I have been teaching chess online for the last two years and have taught more than 150 students. Most of them are in their Advance levels now. Being a state champion I have also taken up training of local students, some of whom have represented our state in several National level tournaments. I am currently pursuing my PhD. I look forward to seeing your child in my class

Ankita Raj

Chess Coach
Chess is a way of motivation that can lead us for a better life. As per my 16 years experience of playing chess, it's not just a board game that we play with another person but it's an opportunity to develop our psyche via recreation, analysis, decisive abilities, foresight, planning and making strategies. It also enhances our personality to be more rational and honest. This game helps us to lead life with principle and standard.

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